Trung Hoa Assembly Hall(Ngu Bang Assembly Hall) of Hoian

Friday - 24/12/2010 11:19

Trung Hoa Assembly Hall is at 64 Tran Phu Street, right of Phuoc Kien Pagoda. Established in 1741, it was then called Duong Thuong Assembly Hall. However, many people think that it was built in the 15th century. Anyway, it is also one of the oldest assembly halls in Hoi An. It was the home of Chinese immigrants and dedicated to Thien Hau Holy Mother.



In 1928, it was renamed Trung Hoa Assembly Hall, then Chinese Public School, and finally Le Nghia School. The house is a place for worshipping and for gatherings. It is also a school for Chinese overseas in Hoi An. Besides worshipping Thien Hau Holy Mother, the house is also dedicated to other people such as Confucius, Sen Yat Jen (a leader of the Chinese revolutionary movement in the early 20th century) and soldiers killed in the anti-Japanese resistance war. The full text of Sen Yat Jen's Testament is found on the wall, in the backyard of the house.


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