Ong Pagoda

Tuesday - 04/01/2011 10:18

The small fishing town of Hoi An situated on the banks of the Thu Bon River, is a quiet place that affords its visitors ample scope for relaxation. The town’s other claim to fame is its many pagodas and shrines. Of them is the Ong Pagoda in Hoi An. The Ong Pagoda like most other pagodas in the region is a place engaged in not just a place of worship and meditation, but also a cultural hub, preserving the heritage of the land. The Ong Pagoda is also popularly called the “Chua Ong Pagoda”.


Located in the Quang Nam Province, the Ong Pagoda in Hoi An is to be found in the Tran Phu Street of the town. The Tran Phu Street is a typically old and traditional Chinese district; and so the presence of this 17th century pagoda in such a location indicated towards its heritage. The Ong Pagoda in Hoi An which is dedicated to “Quan Thanh De Quan” – also known as “Quan Van Truong” – was erected in 1653 in honor of its namesake, who was an ancient Chinese general. Quan Thanh De Quan was a prominent figure of the ‘three kingdom’ era of China. Because of its age and the subsequent resultant deterioration, the Ong Pagoda in Hoi An has undergone multiple renovations. 


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