International Day of Happiness - Day of love and share!

Tuesday - 16/03/2021 23:56

In June 2012, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 20 to be observed as the International Day of Happiness. It is not only a simple symbol, but also a day of action, more diligence and effort to build the universal world and bring happiness and joy to everyone on earth.

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Together with the world, Vietnam also responded to the International Day of Happiness for the first time in 2014 with the theme “Love and share”. That theme has been maintained over the years with many meaningful messages, evoking kindness, respect and love for the family and society in every Vietnamese person.
Hội An ancient town has been recognized as a romantic city which has become popular in the world, as a place of exchange between separate cultures. The activities to welcome the International Day of Happiness in Hội An have an important implication in creating new highlights and contributing to inspiring people and domestic and international visitors to develop and enhance the value of happiness. With the aim of giving visitors special things and the most memorable memories, Hội An offers visitors attractive incentives when visiting Hội An on March 20, as follows:
1. For all visitors visiting Hội An on March 20:
- Offer 50% discount on entrance tickets according to the tourism stimulus program.
- Offer free tour guides for groups of 4 people or more.
2. For visitors born on March 20 when visiting Hội An on March 20:
- Give 1 calligraphy with your name on it;
          - Give 1 lucky bracelet; 
- Offer free entrance tickets to the ancient town, Trà Quế vegetable village and Thanh Hà pottery village;
- Offer free experience wearing Áo Dài - Vietnam and Yukata - Japan and taking photo with old rickshaw at Cẩm Phô communal house.
*. For further information, please contact: Hội An Office of Tourist Services, No. 8 Hoàng Diệu street, Minh An, Hội An. Hotline: 08.4342.8888


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