Recommendations for tourists in Covid-19

Friday - 20/03/2020 08:54

Ladies and gentlemen,
In the face of rapid and complicated happenings of the acute respiratory infection caused by novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), The Steering Committee of Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention of Hội An city recommends residents and tourists to implement some contents as follows:

1. Limiting going outside or going to crowded places. You must wear a face mask in public areas.
2. Washing your hands frequently with soap or disinfectant solution.
3. Foreign tourists entering Vietnam must make medical declarations and ensure honesty and details so that in case of necessity, the authorities can quickly grasp your health status and travel schedule in Vietnam.
4. You must self-monitor your health status regularly. If you have signs of cough, fever or suspicion of contact with an infected person, you must immediately self-isolate at your residence and contact the disease control agency by phone: 0843428888
5. Being willing to coordinate with city government and comply with isolation if you must isolated according to the disease control agency’s request. For foreign tourists or foreigners living and working in Hội An, the government will have appropriate policies related to visas and accommodation conditions... in case of isolation or medical treatment.
6. Monitoring updated information on the disease situation regularly on Central and local mainstream media.
Each individual should be aware of your responsibilities in joining hands to prevent and combat Covid-19.


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