Hoi An Ancient Town - Hoi An World Heritage


Up-dated information on managing tourist activities in the Hoi An Ancient Town site

1. Due to the policy for sightseeing tickets to Hoi An Ancient Town, issued by The People's Committee of Hoi An city, the sale of tickets in the Ancient Town site has been executed since 1995 with a package ticket form following the statue of managing tourist activities in Hoi An city, including the term: “Every visitor has to get their ticket for visiting Hoi An Ancient Town”.

2. In comparision to other world cultural heritage sites, such as Hue, My Son Sanctuary, Angkor... are self-contained sites. Hoi An is quite different, it is formed by a concentration of architectural monuments of various forms: living houses, ancestral worshipping houses, temples, communal houses, assembly halls, bridges, pagodas, water wells, wharfs, markets, traffic networks, drainage networks, rivers, old flows, perennials networks, customs and habits, daily life activities, urban life style in former Hoi An city. That is the reason why it is not able to sell ticket for each sightseeing place, therefore a form of package ticket is made.
With each ticket, domestic visitors are able to choose 3 places to visit and 5 places for international visitors among 21 sightseeing places and 1 places for traditional art show. It is also combined with the entrance ticket to the town.  Thanks to it, visitors can enter the town to visit the architectural complex of Hoi An Ancient Town, enjoy the ancient atmosphere with melodious classical music and take part in other activities.
3. To bring fairness for all, every visitor to the Ancient Town has to get their ticket (currently there are a lot of people taking this advantage for ticket fraud or ticket avoidance that leading to the loss of entitlement of visitors on being welcomed and guided thoughtfully. It makes visitors not only uninformed well about the values of the world heritage but also not to contribute for the restoration). Therefore, the city government has implemented to locate the ticket booth at every entrance of the ancient town.
Every visitor has to pay only one time for visiting the ancient town. For visitors staying long time in Hoi An, what they should do is keeping the tickets and showing them to the ticket controller whenever they would like to get into the town.
It costs 120,000 VND per ticket for international visitors and 80,000 VND per ticket for domestic visitors. Getting your own ticket is a great contribution to the restoration for the world cultural heritage of Hoi An Ancient Town (more than 85% of ticket fee is used for the restoration and upkeep of the ancient town).
The fact that several old houses are getting down and the city government supports 40 – 75%  of the total payment for restoration.
The Center for Culture and Sports of Hoi An city
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