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Vietnam and Hoi An win Wanderlust Travel Awards 2015

Vietnam is listed in the Top countries and Hoi An is also voted as one of the top cities by Wanderlust Magazine’s readers forming the Wanderlust Travel Awards 2015.

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How it works: For many of the survey questions (eg: Which countries have you visited in the last year?, What is your favorite destination?), they asked readers to list up to four entries and score each one on its merits. The final positions were based on an average score for the entry (converted to a percentage) – so the results are based on satisfaction rather than the number of votes. In categories where no percentage is shown, the results were simply based on the number of votes cast for each option.  
On Jan 29, Wanderlust announced the result of survey, Vietnam’s ranked 10th in Top countries (94.56%) and Hội An’s ranked 5th in Top cities (94.12%).

New Zealand hits the top spot with 97.78% rate.

Luang Prabang is never far from the top spot in this category (97.14%) – proof of its enduring charm, and the bevvy of treasures and unique experiences that await every traveller.

Wanderlust Travel Awards is  a reputed travel award which is carried out annually.

In addition to Top countries  and Top cities, there are still others awards for Top Emerging Destination, Top Airline, Top Worldwide Airport, Top guidebook series,…

Top Country

1. New Zealand 97.78%
2. Namibia 97.37%
3. Ethiopia 97.27%
4. Bhutan 97.14%
5. Zambia 96.36%
6. Oman 96%
7. Costa Rica 95.43%
8. Laos 95.25%
9. Myanmar/Burma 95.16%
10. Vietnam 94.56%

Top City

1. Luang Prabang 97.14%
2. Bagan 95%
3. Stockholm 94.74%
4. Kyoto 94.29%
5. Hoi An 94.12%
6. Vancouver 93.85%
7. Berlin 93.51%
8. Rome 93.13%
9. Vienna 92.86%
10. Krakow 92.5%