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Hoi An’s full-moon festival, one of the 25 world’s most amazing experiences

“From our brand new book Best Day on Earth, we’ve picked 25 of the world’s most amazing experiences to fill your day, from dawn till after dark. The list spans incredible destinations across the planet – from Swedish Lapland to the Guatemalan jungle – and covers everything from exploring temples to feasting on street food. We hope it will inspire you to book a ticket, travel somewhere new and have your very own Best Day on Earth”, Rough Guides.
Experience Hoi An’s full-moon festival
Banish any thoughts of glow-paint ravers, as Vietnam’s Full-Moon Festival in Hoi An is a much more sophisticated affair. As dusk encroaches on the fourteenth day of every month, the city is transformed into a magical scene with hundreds of glowing silk lanterns lighting its narrow alleys and lining the banks of the Thu Bon River. By nightfall, crowds of people have gathered along the riverbank to set tiny flickering candles adrift on the lazy waters.
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The others 24 amazing experiences are:
1. See dawn break over Bagan, Myanmar
2. Take a boat along the Ganges, India
3. Rediscover monument valley, USA
4. Marvel at otherworldly cappadocia, Turkey
5. Hike up to Machu Picchu, Peru
6. Get up close with a mountain gorilla, Rwanda
7. Explore one of Lake Garda’s prettiest spots, Italy
8. Experience Puerto Rico’s oldest Carnaval, Puerto Rico
9. Gorge on street food, Vietnam
10. Explore a jungle paradise, Guatemala
11. Sample food from around the world at Borough Market, England
12. Try the life aquatic in the Red Sea, Egypt
13. Explore the ancient temples of Angkor, Cambodia
14. Conquer the majestic Pamirs on foot, Tajikistan
15. Ski from the sky in British Columbia, Canada
16. Look down on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17. Admire the Chinese fishing nets in Fort Cochin, India
18. Go fishing on Alaska’s Naknek River, USA
19. Listen to the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia
20. Feel insignificant at the Grand Canyon, USA
21. Marvel at the Golden Rock at dusk, Myanmar
22. Tantalize your taste buds in Marrakesh, Morocco
23. Get a taste for the high life in Bangkok, Thailand
24. Admire the northern lights in lapland, Sweden

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