Hoi An Ancient Town - Hoi An World Heritage


Hoi An bike tour among world's 20 best: Tripadvisor

A bike tour around the ancient town of Hoi An ranked ninth among the world's 20 best biking experiences as voted by Tripadvisor readers, VnExpress reported.
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A foreign tourist cycles in Hoi An ancient town, 2019. (Photo: VnExpress/Do Anh Vu)

The five-hour tour, which costs from 19 USD per person, allows visitors to experience traditional crafts, from weaving straw to making boats while pedaling around Duy Vinh Island, about five kilometers from downtown Hoi An.

"Along the way, learn the secrets of crafting the colorful woven straw mats that Vietnamese people traditionally slept on and many in the countryside still use, see how traditional boats are made and watch farmers in rice fields," Tripadvisor recommended.

Hoi An has pioneered pedestrian-friendly streets since 2004, with most hotels, restaurants and homestay facilities offering bike rental services. Motorbikes and cars are banned from the town center for large parts of the day.

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