Hoi An Ancient Town - Hoi An World Heritage


Hội An’s socio-economic status in 2019

1. Economy:
In 2019, the economy continued to grow and develop steadily on all fields. The total production value (GO) in comparison with 2010’s was estimated at 11,780.9 billion dong, increasing 14.34% in comparison with 2018’s, exceeding 5.22% in comparison with the plan. Per capita income reached 53.1 million dong, increased 3.1 million dong compared to the plan.
a. Tourism, Services and Commerce sector:
The tourism industry grew well and continued to play a leading role in the local economic structure. The total production value of the industry was estimated at 8,563.6 billion dong, increasing 15.56% in comparison with the same period, exceeding 6.71% in comparison with the plan.
The city developed and approved the community tourism development plan at Trà Quế Vegetable Village (Cẩm Hà Commune) and Kim Bồng Carpentry Village (Cẩm Kim Commune); expanded the sightseeing routes in Cẩm Kim commune; promoted the linkage development between Hội An, Điện Bàn and Duy Xuyên; approved the project: Improving the method of selling entrance tickets to Hội An ancient town by the form of digitized entrance tickets; and approved the plan of expanding the pedestrian zone to Phan Châu Trinh street (Minh An ward).
Last year, the city welcomed 5,350,000 tourist arrivals, increasing 5.24% in comparison with the same period, reaching 94.22% of the plan; in which, there were 4 million international tourist arrivals, increasing 5.16% in comparison with the same period, reaching 94.25% of the plan. The total number of tourist arrivals who bought tickets to the ancient town reached 2,498,230, increasing 4.09%. The total number of tourist arrivals who stayed was estimated at 1,971,800, increasing 13.56% in comparison with the same period and reaching 97.61% of the plan. Average number of days that guests stayed was estimated at 2.07. Revenue of tourism industry was estimated at 5,300,000 million dong, increasing 7.91% in comparison with the same period and increasing 8.16% in comparison with the plan. In general, the main indicators of the industry increased and exceeded highly in comparison with the plan.
Hội An tourism continued to be voted and achieved many prestigious international awards. In particular; Hội An topped in the list World’s top 15 cities by Travel + Leisure - the world’s top travel magazine; and on July 16, 2019, it was the first time that the image of Japanese Covered Bridge was honored on the homepage by Google. The most significant event was that, on October 12, 2019, Hội An City was awarded “The world’s leading cultural city destination 2019” of the 26th World Travel Awards Organizing Committee.
b. Industry, Small industry and Construction sector: remained a stable growth. The production value (GO) was estimated at 2,603.9 billion dong, increasing 14.18% in comparison with the same period, exceeding 2.02% in comparison with the plan.
c. Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry sector: The total production value (GO) of the industry was estimated at 613.320 billion dong, equal to 99.2% of the plan.
2. The work of urban management, heritage management, resources and environment protection:
The work of planning and management were concerned and implemented.
The major projects of the Central Government and the province which were invested in the area, such as Cẩm Kim Bridge on National Highway 14H, ĐT 607 street, the second lane leading to Cửa Đại Bridge (129 street) were started construction.
Fields of management, conservation, restoration and promotion of cultural heritage values were concerned and implemented thoughtfully. Up to now, France Cultural Quarter was recognized as a provincial relic by the province; Thanh Hà pottery was recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. The city organized a survey and put 109 relics on provincial protected relics list; surveyed and positioned  boundaries to set steles and landmarks for 16 relics.
The work of management, conservation and promotion of the biosphere reserve values on Chàm Island continued to be concerned. The projects of cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations on researching and conserving biodiversity, and conserving forest and marine ecosystems of Chàm Island were implemented effectively. A working group was set up to develop an biosphere reserve management plan for the period 2020-2024. The city completed the management regulations of Cẩm Thanh nipa palm forest ecosystem and adjusted the management regulations of biosphere reserve for submission to the province for approval.
The city also advised the City Committee to issue a Directive on Strengthening control, minimizing the use of disposable plastic products and persistent plastic bags; and continued to implement the policy of sorting waste at source to protect the city environment.
3. Culture and society:
a. Culture, sports, information and media:
Cultural and artistic activities were very exciting from the city to the grassroots with many various and diversified forms to meet the needs of cultural enjoyment of the people. Festivals and events, such as International Food Festival, International Choir Competition, Hội An - Japan Cultural Exchange and Vietnam-International Silk and Brocatelle Culture Festival, Hội An Lantern Festival in Wernigerode city (Germany), etc. were organized thoughtfully and professionally, mobilizing social resources to participate. In particular, the city proactively coordinated to organize many exciting and meaningful activities on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Chàm Island as a World Biosphere Reservation and the 20th anniversary of Hội An Ancient Town as a World Cultural Heritage.
The movement of physical training and sports continued to be promoted. The city invested and expanded public playgrounds for children and installed outdoor physical training and sports equipments to serve the needs of practicing sports and improving health of the people; approved the pilot plan to improve traffic safety for bicycles on Hai Bà Trưng street and the bicycle traffic development plan for the period of 2019-2025.
b. Foreign affair activities:
Foreign affairs, cooperative relations, and twinning continued to go into depth and achieved many practical results on the fields of economy, culture, environment. From the beginning of the year until now, the City People’s Committee and industries welcomed over 70 international delegations coming for business, sightseeing and learning experiences. These activities contributed significantly to the promotion and introduction of Hội An to the world and mobilized international resources to participate in local socio-economic development.