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Hoi An city reviews for the first nine months of 2015

Recently, the People's Committee of Hoi An city has had a review for the socio-economic of the city in the first nine months of 2015.
In particular, the gross output (GO) of the city for the first nine months in 2015 has reached more than 6247 billion dong, increasing 10.82% compared to 2014.

Tourism industry and commerce continues to thrive, GO reaches over 2153.7 billion dong, a 8.45% increase over the same period last year. In the last nine months, with 1,758,500 visits to Hoi An, up 21% over the same period, of which 1,143,250 visitors, up 17.34%; especially the number of visitors to Cham island reach 381,600, increasing 87.2%. The city continues to focus on investment plans to upgrade and expand An Bang beach, Cam Thanh tourist center in order to exploit the potential advantages of eco-village tourism community.
For technology, information and construction industry, gross output grows strongly, especially in  construction industry reaches 980.5 billion, up 18.2% over the same period.
In the field of agriculture and fishery, the total planted area reached 1767.6 hectares, of which rice area reached 778,4 ha; rice production reaches 4,750 tons; average yield of 64.5 quintals per ha, up 1.8 kg over the same period. In particular, the program of organic vegetables production in Tra Que vegetable village, Cam Thanh, Cam Ha has opened a new development path for the agricultural sector.
In the field of fishery, the first nine months of fishing production reaches 9,900 tons, aka 74.7% of the plan, in which the output is expected to reach 3,645 tons exported.
Regarding construction, the city has completed and put into use 34 out of 35 works, including a number of key projects such as Tran Nhan Tong street, Nguyen Duy Hieu Secondary School, Thanh Hoa library; commence 17 out of 30 new projects, including Cam Kim Bridge.
Management activities and monuments restoration were focused, many relics and works of ancient architecture in and outside the ancient town are paid attention to restore timely. In addition, the city has also proposed solutions and policies on financial support for private relic owners  to upkeep and restore, avoiding the relics from downgrading and damage.
Environment is focused on propaganda to raise awareness of the citizens, such as waste separation at source, minimize the use of plastic bags and implementing reforestation projects and coastal protection, water coconut plantation mount to build the infrastructure of Cam Thanh water coconut forest.
In the last nine months, the city has organized various activities of culture, performances and sports, such as: the 85th anniversary of communist party of Vietnam, 40 years of the liberation day of Hoi An, 70 years of Independence Day Sept 02, Welcome the 17th Party Congress of Hoi An city, 4th International Choir competition 2015, Earth Hour, Flower lantern festival, 13th Hoi An – Japan cultural exchange,... And Hoi An TV programs is officially broadcasted two times a month on Quang Nam TV broadcast.
In the field of health, Hoi An is upgrading the infrastructure to provide traditional medical faculty for Hoi An hospital. National health program and preventive medicine are regularly implemented, especially the expanded immunization program, reproductive health care, prevention of child malnutrition, disease prevention control and food safety.
Regarding education, the proportion of secondary school graduates reached 99.4%, high school graduation 98.96%, the whole city has 142 students pass the exam for Le Thanh Tong gifted highschool, accounting for 51% enrollment and 641 students passed the entrance exam for university.
About social security, the city has subsidized over 26,087 billion dong; held solemn ceremonies and posthumously awarded the title of Vietnamese heroic mother for 97 mothers; launched the movement of taking care of  Vietnamese heroic mother. So far, the city still have had 154 poor households, accounting for 0.72%, with 14 registered households escaped from poverty in 2015 according to provincial policies. The inspection and prevention of corruption are effectively deployed, with 05 inspections and withdraw into the state budget more than 34 million dong.
In term of foreign affairs, the city has welcomed over 40 delegations and foreign individuals to work and cooprate in different fields; welcomed many high-level delegations to visit the ancient town, support the international presses for their work.
In the last three months of 2015, the city has focused on flood prevention and recovery after flood; continued to promote the image of Hoi An, sped up the environmental treatment projects of Japanese Bridge; prepared for New Year and Lunar New Year festival 2016, 55th anniversary of twin city relation of Hoi An and Thanh Hoa; strengthened environmental protection and adaptation to climate change; improved the quality of cultural activities, sports and health care; push up the implementation of vocational training programs, job creation, reduced the number of poor households.