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Viet Nam – Japan cultural exchange in Hoi An

According to Organizing Board of Viet Nam – Japan cultural exchange event in Hoi An, the 9th exchange festival this year will be held on 02 days ( August 20-21, 2011) with a lot of impressive activities.


There are yearly sport  activitives such as: stick pushing competition, jumping in sacks, piling bowls game (Japan), amateur boat race; traditional games: rope – jumping…as well as activitives of displaying  artistic pictures and news, Kimono and Yukata costume performances, Vietnamese ao dai performance; se-lection of  Miss Kimono.

 Especially, through skillful hands of artisans, traditional occupational villages of pottery making, mattress weaving, Kim Bong carpentering and lanterns making become close and lively to everybody. Japanese Haiku style of poetry – the shortest style of  17 syllables will be the 1st time introduced  in Hoi An through Haiku poem composing festival and Vietnamese calligraphy performance.

Also on this occasion, the Youth of Hoi An city will participate forum “ Change  habit of  littering” to act and propagandize community awareness of   responsibility for environment.

Opening programme will be held at 19h00 on August 20, 2011 in An Hoi Statue  Garden – Hoi An with items of singing - dancing - classical opera - lively scenes, performance of  Vietnamese and Japanese songs, and with the participation of Japanese professional singers.

 Closing programme – gala dinner this year will be organized in cosy space of  camp-fire night together with traditional games, community dancing and lanterns festival./.


Translated by Thanh Nga

Source: www.thanhniennews.com