Hoi An Ancient Town - Hoi An World Heritage


Se-lecting Miss Kimono Hoi An

The 9th Hoi An - Japan cultural exchange day – 2011 will be a colourful festival with activities such as Kimono, Aodai performance on Kimono materials and se-lecting Miss Kimono Hoi An.


Lots of cultural, artistic and sportive activities will be held successively on August 20 and 21, 2011. Specially, tourists would enjoy directly creativeness of artisans f-rom traditional occupational villages, caligraphy artisans of writing Haiku poem and art of wraping gifts in traditional Japanese Furoshiki cloth…Opening and closing ceremonies will be happened on evenings of August 20 and 21, 2011 at Song Hoai Square with special artistic items performed by artists of Hoi An and Japan.
The programme this year will be organized with the cooperation of Hoi An city and Japanese Embassy, Japanese Cultural Exchange Center in Viet Nam as well as organs: JICA, Toyo University, Da Nang Industrial Guild, YX Company, Kimono cutural exchange Association, aiming at encouraging Japanese people after last disaster.

Source: www.thanhniennews.com