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The inauguration of Hội An garden at Wernigerode city people's park, Germany

The inauguration ceremony of "Hội An Garden" and the naming of Hội An Bridge took place at Wernigerode's People's Park, Germany, on the afternoon of August 24, 2023. This is one of the main activities of the 3rd Hội An Lantern Festival, which will be held in Germany from August 25 to 27, 2023.
The "Hội An Garden" project is a part of the Joint Action Program - climate partnership between the cities of Hội An and Wernigerode. This is a project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the twinning relationship (August 2013 to 2023). It is also a concrete and vivid confirmation of the two cities' deep, sincere and lasting affections.
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With the desire to tell the story of Hội An culture through sculptures using wood material from driftwood, Hội An city designed and invited artisan Lê Ngọc Thuận to process artwork, wooden chairs, lantern poles,… as well as transported all products from Hội An to Germany for installation and arrangement. The design idea of Hội An is to use the image of the Hoài river combined with Hội An door eyes as the main shaping element. The Hoài river flows through the ancient town and connects to the Cù Lao Chàm World Biosphere Reserve, showing the unique values of Hội An's land, people and nature, at the same time, showing the journey of regenerating the driftwood to tell the story of the Hội An culture. Artisans arranged artistic sculptures made of wood along the banks and on the Hoài river, as well as the door eyes' pattern, which is one of the typical architectural features in the ancient town and the "soul of Hội An town". All of them are combined in a unified whole called Hội An Garden. Along with the decoration inside the Garden are handicraft products such as lanterns, driftwood sculptures, lawns, green trees, etc. Hội An Garden also shows the message "Hội An - A green tourism destination", which is the city's sustainable development strategy.
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Wernigerode city undertook the full construction, technical infrastructure, flower trusses; planted trees according to the design; and invited artisans from Hội An to carry out the installation, which is completed now. The People's Park in Wernigerode city is set up as an open-air museum with over 60 thematic Gardens. In particular, Hội An city is allowed to use an area of ​​110m2 to build the Hội An Garden. The Hội An Garden was inaugurated, and after today, Wernigerode city will use various means of promotion to introduce the Garden and the story of Hội An culture to locals and visitors here, as well as tourists in European countries.   
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During the candidate process to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Crafts and Folk Art; bringing handicraft products made from driftwood and crafted by Hội An's talented artisans to build a "Hội An Garden", create many traditional art performances and craft demonstrations, etc. at the Hội An Lantern Festival in Wernigerode city (Germany) will certainly be a solid foundation for Hội An to develop sustainably while integrating globally, creating and developing further in the future.
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