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Shoulder pole

A series of photos on Shoulder pole of photographer Huỳnh Hà(Hội An)has been published in Quang Nam Weekend in title “ Who invented shoulder pole?”.


While thinking about the very familiar image,he also wrote that women with shoulder poles have gone to market in hurry since sun hasnot
yet risen. And at night, there are some heavy shoulder poles appearing for a moment together with sound f-rom wooden shoes of hoarse voices
in announcing” here is green bean sweet soup”.Their images are carved in every alley. They stride in every street and rough roads, even though incessant rain or intense sunlight in summer as well as frozen in winter.... In any case, there are still many smiles on their sunburnt and rinkled faces... Sometimes I wonder that why shoulder poles have stayed heavily on women’s shoulders during their life. And at some moment, I also say inwardly thank to life, f-rom their poles, economical women could support their family... Thank to their simple but heavy shoulders, their children get success in their life... 
Translated by Thanh Nga.

Source: VNA