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Hoi An to teach calligraphy for free

Hoi An, a central ancient city recognized as UNESCO’s World Heritage site, will hold free monthly classes on Han – Nom calligraphy to promote its cultural root.

Adding another interesting activity to the tourist hub, the class will be held every month on the 14th of the lunar calendar, a monthly event when all lights are turned off, leaving only candles and cloth lanterns to light the age-old city.

Local students, tourists and foreigners are all welcome to join, an official said, as they will learn how to use brushes and practice a good penmanship.

Reference materials for these Han-Nom calligraphies come f-rom historical writings and carvings widely found around the city’s old buildings, she added.

Pham Thuc Hong, a Hoi An native who will teach the art said he wanted to pass on to younger generations a passion for Han- Nom writings and introduce to tourists a cultural trait of the city.