Hoi An Ancient Town - Hoi An World Heritage


Ancient town adorned by spring colours

In Hoi An, spring is announcing itself, in all its living pomp and majesty.


Walking through the old town, visitors will be treated to the site of moss covered roofs and houses green with creepers.

Each house owner grows a particular kind of creeper, but the plants manage to make their way to neighbor’s houses for a visit. The result looks something like a tapestry.

These images give an idea of why Hoi An has long been a major stop on many tourists’ agenda.

Images of Hoi An:

New leaves, old roofs

Treetops and rooftops

Old wall gathering moss

Sunlight sparkling in green

People mind the street’s aesthetic

Lace-like plants

Natural curtains

Creepers connect

Peaceful scene

Verdant view

A quiet inquiry

House covered in Spring

Living canopy

A souvenir