Museum of History and Culture

Friday - 24/12/2010 11:24

Containing a great number of historical relics, the redundant Museum of History and Culture in Hoi An is located in the earliest inhabited region in Hoi An. The museum is a treasure trove and is also a famous pagoda all rolled into one. The name of this pagoda is “Quan Yin”. The Museum of History and Culture in Hoi An was actually built as a religious establishment in the year 1635, and so it was set up accordingly. Traces ogf this is still clearly evident.


The Museum of History and Culture in Hoi An is the first museum to visit on your trip to Hoi An. This museum is almost like a show-and-tell summary of the entire heritage of Hoi An. So visiting other museums will benefit you more if you have gone to the Museum of History and Culture in Hoi An first. This treasure house is home to a potpourri of relics like important photographs and maps, and artifacts like statues of different materials belonging to different civilizations, porcelain and ceramic wares, traditional scales, anchor, jar-burials f-rom the Sa Huynh culture, stelaes and family records that trace back the ancestry of the inhabitants. Also among the exhibits are bronze drums dating back to 3000 BC during the era of the Dong Son civilization.


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