Maize farms on river islet draw tourists

 04:18 28/03/2018

Emerging centuries ago as a sand islet in the middle of the Thu Bồn River, Cẩm Nam Commune has been known by several names: Cồn Hến, meaning mussel islet, and Cồn Bắp, maize islet. It has drawn migrants seeking lives as successful peasants since the late 14th century. The commune, 3km south of Hội An ancient town, has now become an eco-tourism destination with tranquil rural scenery and traditional farming on the river banks. Bùi Hoài Nam reports.

Hoi An's 10 Best Local Restaurants and Cultural Cafés

Hoi An's 10 Best Local Restaurants and Cultural Cafés

 21:15 22/04/2015

Once one of Vietnam’s most important trading ports, Hoi An has now become one of the most loved tourist cities in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. The Old Town still maintains its fusion of ancient Vietnamese and colonial French beauty and unique culinary heritage, made of specialities such as cao lau, quang noodles and shrimp dumplings. Here is our selection of the best 10 culinary spots in Hoi An.