Hoi An Ancient Town - Hoi An World Heritage


Thwe pottery village ò Thanh Ha

Located 3 km West of Hoi An, Thanh Ha is the pottery village that play an important role in the economic development of Hoi An old town.


In the 16th, 17th century, Thanh Ha was a thriving village. It was so famous for earthenware's that were sold in many provinces in Central Viet Nam. It was Thanh Ha villagers that made and provided bricks, roof and floor tiles for old buildings in Hoi An and the surrounding areas.

Thanh Ha pottery villagers are doing the same work in the same way their fore fathers did in the past. In their clever and skillful hands, clay turns to be pretty flower vases, tea pots, piggybanks, wine bottles, water jars, kettles, cooking pots or lovely birds, turtles, buffaloes, cats, ducks, etc.

Nowadays many old buildings in Hoi An need repairing and restoring and Thanh Ha villagers are the only trusted contractors that can provide standardized bricks, roof and floor tiles exactly like those in the prosperous time when Hoi An port town prospered.