Visiting Kim Bồng carpentry village

Wednesday - 05/01/2011 10:53

Kim Bồng Carpentry Village belongs to Cẩm Kim commune, Hội An city, Quáng Nam province. It is located on the right bank of Thu Bồn river, which flows through Hội An city. The north of this village is opposite to the ancient town of Hội An - A World Cultural Heritage Site.

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In the sixteenth century, this village was formed and developed. It is famous for traditional carpentry. Until now, Kim Bồng carpentry has been preserved and the techniques have been handed down, with four main fields: carpentry in construction, carpentry in household, carpentry in boat building and carpentry in fine art. With skillful hands in combination with the process of acquiring and selecting external cultural factors, Kim Bồng carpenters have created Kim Bồng carpentry brand with its own identity and made a great contribution to the formation and development of Hội An international commercial port in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as well as the conservation of architectural heritage of the ancient town of Hội An. On November 21st, 2016, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No. 4036/QĐ-BVHTTDL to register the village in the List of National Intangible Cultural Heritages.

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- Visit the exhibition house of occupation village.
- Visit and experience craft demonstration activities.
- Watch the performances by the carpenters.
- Visit boat building establishments.
- Try to be a carpenter and receive a souvenir.
Buy entrance tickets to contribute to preserving the traditional occupation village!


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