Hoi An Crowned Vietnam's Friendliest Destination in Booking.com's Traveler Review Awards

Thursday - 29/02/2024 09:09

Explore how Hoi An secured the top spot as Vietnam's friendliest destination according to Booking.com's Traveler Review Awards. Learn about the town's unique blend of cultural influences, picturesque architecture, and the impact of this accolade on its tourism sector and cultural preservation.



Hoi An Crowned Vietnam's Friendliest Destination in Booking.com's Traveler Review Awards

Hoi An secures top spot as Vietnam's friendliest destination, based on Booking.com's 12th annual Traveler Review Awards analysis of over 309 million reviews. This accolade underscores the ancient town's allure, marked by its distinctive yellow houses and rich cultural heritage, outshining other notable locations such as Phong Nha and Ninh Binh.

Unveiling the Charm of Hoi An

Renowned for its well-preserved Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hoi An radiates a unique blend of cultural influences from its history of various Asian and European traders. The town's architecture, a mix of wooden Chinese shophouses, French colonial buildings, and iconic yellow facades, creates a picturesque backdrop for visitors. Travelers are not just captivated by the physical beauty but also by the warm hospitality of its residents, making it a beacon of friendliness and cultural immersion.

Criteria for Recognition

The Traveler Review Awards by Booking.com highlight the significance of authentic travel experiences, with properties needing an average review score of at least 8 out of 10 to qualify. This year, 1.48 million travel partners across 221 countries were recognized, including 11,362 properties in Vietnam. Hoi An's triumph in these awards demonstrates the town's exceptional commitment to providing outstanding hospitality and its ability to leave lasting impressions on visitors.

Impact on Tourism and Culture

Hoi An's recognition as the friendliest destination in Vietnam is anticipated to boost its tourism sector, drawing even more international and domestic travelers eager to experience its acclaimed hospitality and cultural richness. This acknowledgment serves not only as a testament to the town's charm but also as a reminder of the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage in the face of global tourism.

As Hoi An continues to welcome visitors with open arms, its reputation as a friendly and culturally immersive destination is expected to grow, setting a benchmark for hospitality that other destinations will aspire to reach. This award not only celebrates the town's achievements but also encourages a global appreciation for destinations that prioritize genuine human connections and cultural exchange.



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